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Hot spots home remedy treatments

Updated November 21, 2016

Hot spots are abrasions and sores on your cat or dog. They are painful for the animal and not pleasant to look at. A vet will recommend a medicine for hot spots, but you can treat them at home easily as well. Home remedies for hot spots are easy to apply and often work just as good or better than medicine from the vet.

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Keep It Cool

Hot spots have a root cause, usually heat and abrasion. As an animal's skin gets warm and the fur rubs against it, hot spots form and get more irritated over time. The first remedy is to simply cool down the area. Carefully shave the area around the hot spot. If there are longer hairs in and around the area, cut them delicately with a scissors. Keep the area clean and cool. If a particular area on the skin is prone to hot spots, keep that area closely cropped.

Change the Diet

Some animals are prone to hot spots, and it could be that allergies set them off. If your pet has hot spots and you can't determine any irritation that could be causing them, try changing him to a different food. Transition gradually and see if the hot spots get better. Even a small improvement means you have probably identified an allergy.

Try Antibiotic Ointment

Some hot spots are infections on the surface of your pet's skin. Dab a small amount of regular antibiotic ointment on the area around the hot spot. If the spot was caused by an infection, the ointment will clear it up. Ointment doesn't work for the hot spot itself, but as the infection goes away, you will be able to treat the hot spot with an over-the-counter hot-spot medication.

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