Instructions for a Dinosaur Cake

There is something mysterious about dinosaurs. The mostly huge beasts that walked the Earth millions of years ago still enchant the hearts and minds of people across the globe and are the focal point in many history museums and children's books.

For an upcoming birthday or celebration, make a one-of-a-kind dinosaur cake for the person of honour who loves anything related to these extinct animals.

Draw Your Dinosaur

Before baking anything, draw out the dinosaur on a piece of paper. An easy option is the Diplodocus - the one with the long neck and tail. Be sure to cut the drawing into segments so you know how many and what shapes of cake you will need to bake. The body is one segment while the neck and tail are two more. To create the Diplodocus, you will need to bake one 9-inch circular cake and one 8 x 12 rectangular cake.

Bake and Cut the Cake

After drawing your dinosaur, it is time to bake the cake. The flavour doesn't matter, just the shape.

Once your cake has baked and cooled, remove it from the pans and begin to form your dinosaur. The body section will be half of the circular cake, with the rounded portion being its back and the flat edge its belly. Cut two, 2-inch strips out of the rectangular cake. These will become the neck and tail.

Place the half-circle onto a large baking tray. Then, to make the neck and tail curve, cut the strips into smaller, 2-inch long segments and then arrange the segments on either end of the half circle in a curved shape to create both the neck and tail. Finally, cut one segment into a rounded shape for the head and another into a triangular shape for the end of the tail.

Use the other half circle of the round cake to make short, stubby legs and to fill in any gaps in the neck or tail.

Frost and Decorate

Use white frosting tinted with green food colouring to frost the dinosaur cake. Be sure to use enough frosting to evenly cover the entire dinosaur and smooth out the edges to form the lanky extremities.

Then, use colourful candy like a thin liquorice rope cut into small pieces to form "nails" on its feet and also to create a small mouth. Try chocolate chips for the eyes and to make a small, spiny ridge down its back and tail. Use chocolate-coated candies or chopped nuts to make sporadically placed spots on its body.