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Adventure Birthday Party Ideas in and Around Glasgow

Updated April 17, 2017

Glasgow, Scotland, offers adventure opportunities for all ages when it comes to birthday celebrations. Some of these adventures include going on the Glasgow Treasure Hunt and hitting the ski slopes. Neither opportunity requires prior experience or knowledge, and each is reasonably priced.

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Treasure Hunt

The Glasgow Treasure Hunt is a walking tour around the city. Each group is provided with a map and detailed directions to follow and will be expected to answer questions after the tour. All of the answers can be found on the walk. The treasure hunt takes about two hours, and in the end the group with the most correct answers wins.

The company that created the hunts also provides the party organiser with an answer sheet, clues and ideas on how to get the treasure hunt started. The treasure hunt packages range from 11.3 Kilogram to 22.7 Kilogram, which is approximately $40.25 to $80.50 in U.S. currency. They can be ordered online, and downloaded or sent by mail.

All the treasure hunt directions are wheelchair accessible, and they start at the Tourist Information Centre, George Square, Glasgow GL1DY. Because these treasure hunts are self-guided, a meeting place should be determined before the treasure hunt begins.

Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre

The Glasgow Ski and Snowboarding Centre offers birthday party options for skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and tubing. The prices range from 3.63 Kilogram per guests to 4.54 Kilogram per guest, depending on whether or not the party organiser is already a member of the Centre. In U.S. currency, those prices would be approximately £8.30 to $16.10 per guest.

The cost per guest includes use of equipment, and the Centre provides a trained instructor to stay with the group. At the end of the party, every guest gets a treat bag.

The skiing parties are for guests ages 8 to 14 and are one hour long. The snowboarding parties are for guests ages 8 to 17, and they are also and hour long. The tobogganing and tubing parties are each 45 minutes. The tobogganing is open to guests ages 5 to 14,and the tubing is open to guests ages 6 to adult.

The Glasgow Ski and Snowboarding Centre is located in Bellahouston Park at 16 Dunbrack Road. For directions or to make reservations you can call at 0141-427-4991 or visit the webiste.

The Glasgow Ski and Snowboard Centre does not provide food for the party guests, but the party host is allowed to bring cake to be enjoyed in their main building.

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