Where Can I Sell My HD DVD?

A high-definition (HD) DVD can display video with brilliant, highly-detailed colour, accompanied by enhanced sound. It is a superb way of viewing your favourite movie or TV show. When money is tight, it can also offer a higher resale value than the same release on a standard DVD.

Fortunately, many options exist for disposing of this media.


Try your local used media shop or bookstore. Though they may not offer you the best price, the payment is immediate and so might be your best option when you need the cash right away and can sell several DVDs at once.

Because they may actually inspect your offering to ensure that it's playable, be sure to clean it first. Using a soft, non-abrasive cloth rub some window cleaner from the centre of the shiny side to the edge. Take the time to clean the DVD case as well, since this is how a potential buyer may judge the contents.


Though an online auction site like eBay.com may take longer, you can potentially get a higher price, especially if your DVD is scarce or if you can entice several bidders at the same time. Research your title under Completed Auctions to get a sense of how much your DVD is worth. Then find out what your competition is by looking at Current Auctions. If yours is the only one available for a particular title, you're justified in asking for a higher starting bid. Otherwise, use a lower start to attract more buyers.

Second Spin

SecondSpin.com is the online equivalent of a used record shop since they both buy and sell DVDs, CDs and games by mail. You can enter a title of the DVD you want to sell and they'll instantly quote you a price. Or if you have several titles, you can enter several UPC numbers at the same time. They will even reimburse your shipping cost if you send it by USPS Media Mail. They pay by check, PayPal or store credit, according to your preference.


For the best price, name your own by selling on Craigslist.org. Also specify whether you're willing to ship and what the cost will be. You have nothing to lose since the listing is free, but you may receive no buyers. Be sure to describe as thoroughly as you can both the content of the DVD as well as its condition. Adding a picture of the item can increase the number of views for your ad.