Where to Buy Terramycin for Cats

Terramycin provides dual antibiotic activity to fight bacterial infections. The medication is commonly used on pet cats and dogs to fight eye infections. Terramycin is an ophthalmic antibiotic ointment that is sold in dispensable tubes.

Cat owners can dispense the ointment to a finger tip and then apply it to the cat's infected eye.

Doctors Foster & Smith

The Doctors Foster and Smith web site, Drsfostersmith.com, is very popular with pet owners because the site sells a variety of pet products such as food, supplements and medications. Terramycin eye ointment for cats is sold there, and it can also be ordered through their mail catalogue. The Terramycin dispensable tube sold by Drs. Foster & Smith is a 3.54gr size.


1-800-PetMeds is a pet pharmacy that offers online purchases, and you can also order pet medications by phone, fax and regular mail. Terramycin eye ointment is sold on the 1800petmeds.com web site, and the company offers a price-match guarantee. If you find Terramycin eye ointment at another supplier for cheaper, 1800 PetMeds will sell it to you for that cheaper price.


EBay.com auctions offer several listings for Terramycin eye ointment, with prices ranging from £7.80 to $22.00. Sellers on eBay offer brand new Terramycin ointment in 3.54gr tubes.

Residents of California and Terramycin

Terramycin is available online and in some pet stores, but it requires a veterinarian prescription only in the state of California. California residents are advised to contact their cat's veterinarian for a prescription and purchase instructions.