Herbal Remedies for Eyebrow Regrowth

Loss of eyebrow hair is a surprisingly noticeable on the face and is something that people recovering from cancer or have lost their eyebrows by other means desperately want to get back. While there are cosmetic means of adding eyebrows, there are also many different types of herbal remedies which can help stimulate the quick growing of eyebrows.

Various Oils

Apply castor oil or coconut oil to a cotton swab and rub the area where you want your eyebrows to regrow before going to sleep at night. Do this every night over the next week and you'll begin to see some eyebrow regrowth. Make sure you keep the oil in that area alone, however, as hair will sprout wherever the oil touches regularly and then you'll have to remove the hair you accidentally grew. Be careful not to get any of these oils in your eyes, as they can burn or damage them. Dab the cotton swab into the oil and apply it until it soaks into the skin above the eye, where you want the eyebrow to grow.

Stimulate Hair Growth

Consuming the right types of vitamins and minerals will stimulate hair growth, especially where it is needed on the body. By regularly consuming Vitamins A, C, B3 and E, hair follicles will be stimulated to grow hair, especially ones that used to grow hair and are now relatively inactive. Eat foods high in these vitamins which include eggs, fish, chicken and soy as they are also high in protein, another important nutrient for hair growth in general. Another option is vitamin supplements.

Taking folic acid tablets also greatly influences the growth of hair in general, but especially in areas that previously grew hair. Eating foods high in folic acid like dark green leafy vegetables, asparagus, beans, kelp, soybeans and soy flour will also supplement hair growth.

Sulphur Mixtures

By mixing almond and olive oil, two sources of sulphur are created and this helps stimulate the growth of eyebrows through their damaged or slow growing hair follicles. Onion juice and the juice from freshly crushed aloe vera leaves will also create a homeopathic mixture which can be used and spread over the areas you want your eyebrows to grow.

Massaging the Area

Massage the area, using a circular motion, where the eyebrows used to grow when applying any oils. By massaging and physically stimulating these areas more blood will flow to them, giving them more nutrients and encouraging them to sprout hair quickly.

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