Pixie Hairstyles

Stylish and easy, a pixie hairstyle is a look which features a very short haircut. A pixie can look great on women with the right face shape. Choose a pixie hairstyle if you want a low-maintenance yet chic hairstyle and you have an oval face shape.

The Look

Pixie hairstyles can be worn a variety of ways. Generally, hair is cut very short. Wear your pixie hairstyle short and spiky for a funky look. For a chic and stylish pixie hairstyle, smooth down hair and style towards one side. Modern pixie hairstyles incorporate a lot of texture into the cut. Those with thin hair can particularly benefit from pixie hairstyles. According to www.short-hairstyles.com, pixie cuts "add height to the top of the head, creating the illusion of thicker hair." Pixie hairstyles are cut in many different ways to accommodate your needs and personal style. It's best to speak to a professional stylist about which pixie haircut is right for you.


Styling a pixie hairstyle is often easier than other hairstyles. Use a texturising product all over to show off the multitude of layers within a pixie hairstyle. Styling gel is another hair product that works well with pixie cuts. Styling gel should be used if you want a spiky style from your pixie cut. For a chic and smooth pixie hairstyle, run styling cream through hair when styling.

Face Shape

Oval face shapes are the ideal face shape because they can wear just about any hairstyle, including a pixie. For a square face shape, be sure to get soft layers around your face to soften your strong facial features. Round face shapes should avoid a pixie cut because the short style will only accentuate the roundness.

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