Gnat Repellent Home Remedy

Gnats are a troublesome insect that can be an annoyance around the home and lawn. While there are a wide variety of retail pest control products available, these items can be expensive, and many times priced too high for our budgets. Instead, make your own homemade solution for effectively getting rid of gnats.


Citronella is an inexpensive oil that can be purchased from your local hardware or grocery store. This oil not only repels gnats, but many other insects such as mosquitoes and fleas. In a spray bottle, mix a solution of 2 cups water and 2 spoonfuls citronella oil. Add a few drops of your usual liquid dish detergent, which will work as an adhesive element that will allow the solution to stick to plant leaves and lawn for an extended period of time. Spray around the garden and lawn, and repeat every two to three weeks, or as needed to keep gnats at bay. This will also leave the area with a clean, citrus-fresh scent.


Vanilla is another natural gnat repellent. The easiest way to use this ingredient is to simply purchase a bottle of vanilla extract from your local grocery store, or vanilla essential oil from your local nutritional supplement store (most superstores carry this as well). In a spray bottle, add 2 cups of water, 2 spoonfuls of the vanilla, and one squirt of liquid dish soap. Spray around the home and garden for a fresh vanilla scent, and repeat every two to three weeks, or as needed.

Dryer Sheets

Most dryer sheets contain oleander, a natural insect repellent that also repels small rodents such as mice and garden moles. Read the ingredient section of your dryer sheets box to make sure they contain oleander, then place throughout the lawn and garden. After about two weeks, when the dryer sheets contain no more scent, repeat by placing new dryer sheets around the lawn and garden.

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