Gifts for Preteen Girls

Preteen girls feel they are "not little kids anymore," but they haven't yet crossed over into the more complicated teenage years. Generally the term preteen is applied to children ages 9 to 13, but the preteen stage varies with each child.

The perfect gift for a preteen girl helps her express her personal style and individual personality.


Totes, handbags and over the shoulder purses are immensely popular with preteens. Surprise a music lover with a guitar or stereo shaped bag. Replica guitar handbags come in an assortment of colours and some stereo purses have real speakers and plug-ins for MP3 players. Trendy purse patterns include polka dots, chequerboards and animal prints. Give the devoted fan a movie or character themed handbag like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Twilight, Hello Kitty, Betty Boop or Disney Princess.


Preteens desire cute, colourful fashion jewellery over precious stones and metals. Start a charm bracelet for a preteen or add new charms to her existing collection. Pick out a charm that represents the girl's interest or find one that has special meaning between the two of you. Locket necklaces can be both fun accessories and sentimental keepsakes. A preteen with pierced ears can never have too many choices when it comes to earrings. Boutique mall jewellery and accessory stores offer racks of earrings from lightening bolts to ladybirds.


A personalised or monogrammed gift makes preteens feel important as individuals. Consider gifting personalised duffel bags or pyjamas for all those weekend sleepovers. Give a personalised pillowcase to be signed by all her friends with the permanent fabric pen that you supplied. Make lunch time a little hipper with a personalised lunch box in the girl's favourite colours. School supplies like pencils, pens, stationary and even backpacks can also be personalised. A preteen will feel more mature with her own personalised terrycloth bathrobe and towel set.

Bath and Body Products

Preteen girls love to primp with fruity scented bath and body products. Avoid flower or perfume scents and stick to aromas like vanilla, strawberry, raspberries and peach. Buy a matching gift set of bubbles, shower gel, soaps and lotions or assemble your own. Most preteens don't wear make-up, but they do paint their nails and rotate flavours of lip gloss like days of the week. Consider creating a package of brightly coloured and sparkly nail polishes, nail files and buffers and nail clippers. Look for lip glosses that come on necklaces or key rings.