How Can I Cut My Hair in Layers Myself?

Layered cuts are among the most popular with women. They come in different shapes and lengths but they all have one thing in common. A layered cut is achieved by creating different lengths of hair throughout the head. Some haircuts will have a few layers, while others may have many.

Types of layered cuts

Uniform layered cuts are the most common because they are great for adding volume, while ensuring a well balanced look. This type of cut creates multiple layers throughout the head.

Vertical layering is popular with women who want an edgier look that is still mainstream. Finished layers are relatively even in nature and work well for curly or wavy hair.

Chunky layered cuts don't follow a specific pattern. They are decidedly random in nature. They may be limited to the sides of the hair, only at the back of the head, or evenly distributed from side to side. They seldom are cut into the top of the head.

Haircut preparation

You should cut your hair when it is clean, wet and tangle-free. Keep water nearby to re-wet hair that dries out quickly.

Sectioning is another part of the layering process. For uniform and vertical layers, divide your hair into five sections, including the top of the head, the left and right sides (just over the ears) and the back.

How to layer hair

Uniform layering begins at the top of the head. For medium or long layers, pull the first top section forward to the tip of the nose, and perform the first cut there. For shorter layered cuts, make the first cut should where the forehead begins or just above the eyes.

Pull each individual hair section up to the 12:00 position, holding it between the fingers. Cut it straight across from east to west, making sure each section is uniform with the one before. Follow the same procedure for the two side sections as well as the back sections.

Vertical layers are created differently. Hold individual sections of hair at a 45-degree angle and cut vertically, up and down, rather than from side to side. Like with uniform layers, however, cut each successive vertical layer uniform with the one before.

Decide your chunky layers randomly. Instead of sectioning off and cutting layers to the same length, choose chunks of hair at will. Then twist the hair tightly in a spiral and cut either straight across from north to south or up and down, from east to west.