Does Hemorrhoid Cream Reduce Wrinkles?

Millions of dollars are spent each year on beauty treatments. The consumers range in age from preteens to senior citizens. We all are searching for the secret to everlasting youth and beauty. Many urban myths have extolled the secret that can be found by using products meant for other needs.

Haemorrhoid creams have long been touted as a miracle treatment in reducing wrinkles. Let's explore the possibilities of this cream being a benefit.


In determining whether haemorrhoid creams reduce wrinkles, we must first look at the ingredients.

Decades ago shark oil and live yeast agents were found in most haemorrhoid creams. They were touted as ingredients that would reduce or eliminate wrinkles. According to the article, "Hemorrhoid Cream for Eye Bags," located at the Hemorrhoid Treatment Relief Website, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took a look at these claims and called for a reformulation for most haemorrhoid creams. These ingredients were discovered not to have the benefits they claimed and were also considered harmful in some cases. Now haemorrhoid creams with these ingredients can only be found in Canada and some European countries.

Haemorrhoid creams contain phenylephrine HCL. This is a vasoconstrictor, which is known to shrink blood vessels.

Witch hazel is an ingredient and is known to close pores and tighten skin. It is another type of vasoconstrictor.

Zinc oxide is a mild astringent; and like the witch hazel is known to shrink and tighten blood vessels.

Over-the-counter haemorrhoid creams also contain cortisol. This thins the skin. The delicate eye area already has thin skin, and this area is very sensitive. The last thing this area needs is more thinning. As women age their skin loses its collagen and elastin. This inevitable thinning causes a breakdown in elasticity, therefore losing some of its anti-inflammatory benefits. Using cortisol or its by-products can result in an increase in under eye dark circles, and make the skin more prone to sun damage.


Haemorrhoid cream used as a wrinkle reducer became a widely discussed subject in 2005. According to Diane Irons, author of "The World's Best Kept Beauty Secrets," she proposed that many middle aged models and nationally known celebrities used this potion to rid themselves of skin wrinkles.

While haemorrhoid creams may help with puffiness and bags underneath the eye area, this benefit is only temporary. Skin care specialists caution against using any product that is not directly for use in the eye area, due to its thin and sensitive skin.

No reduction of wrinkles is found when using haemorrhoid creams. It can also further exacerbate current problems by making the skin more prone to sun damage and dark circles.

For the best prevention of wrinkles, follow grandma's advice, avoid the sun and use sunscreen daily, drink a lot of water, get plenty of rest and eat a healthy diet.

To minimise the wrinkles you already have, see a dermatologist. He can prescribe effective creams such as retinoic acid, which will reduce your wrinkles.