Handmade wedding favor ideas


According to the Bridal Association of America, the estimated cost for a wedding in 2009 is £20,059. An easy way to cut back on wedding costs is to take a handmade approach to your wedding planning. While the main attention-grabbing items, such as your dress and wedding cake, are better left in the hands of professionals, one project you can tackle on your own is creating wedding favours.

DIY Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookie Favors

According to the Bridal Association of America, couples spend an average of £261 on wedding favours. Why devote £260 to generic-looking wedding favours when you can create unique, heartfelt favours for your wedding guests for a fraction of the price? Create mini wedding-cake favours out of stacked sugar cookies. To make these tasty treats, you'll need clear plastic boxes, thin ribbon in the colour of your wedding theme and, of course, freshly baked sugar cookies. Simply bake and stack sugar cookies as the recipe requires (see references), place them in clear plastic boxes and tie a bow around the box. It's a truly simple process that doesn't require much time, effort or money, and provides outstanding results.

Handmade Soap

Handmade Soap

While expensive monogrammed wedding favours are surely a nice sight, they don't serve much purpose. The vast majority of wedding favours go unused and unappreciated. Treat your guests to practical wedding favours that actually serve a purpose by creating handmade soap. The easiest way to create your own soap is by using melt-and-pour soap and moulds. To create your soaps, you will need melt-and-pour soap base, soap moulds, cellophane bags and ribbons. Melt your soaps according to the instructions on your soap-base packaging and pour the soap into your desired moulds. Allow the soap to set for approximately 30-60 minutes. Then, simply pop your soaps out of their moulds, place in a cellophane bag and wrap with a piece of ribbon.

Seed Favors

Hydrangeas Up Close

If you're wedding theme is rustic, country, spring or simply nontraditional, the ideal homemade wedding favours just may be seed favours. Create your seed favours using garden seed packets that are used for growing vegetables and flowers; these are commonly found in Home Depot, Lowe's and local home and garden centres. To make your seed favours you'll need seed packets, cellophane bags and ribbon. Place a seed packet in a cellophane bag, then tie a bow around the top of the bag using your ribbon. Try to keep your seed favours in theme with your wedding. For example, if you're wedding flowers are hydrangeas, choose to include hydrangea seed packets in your favours as opposed to roses or lilies.

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