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Fruit & veg detox diet

Updated November 21, 2016

While many detox diets leave you feeling ravenous, fatigued and moody, a fruit and vegetable detox makes you feel great. With so many food choices, you'll be able to design a plan to flush out toxins and lose excess water weight. Say goodbye to bloating and tiredness and start your detox with tasty meals.

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Why a Fruit and Vegetable Detox Diet

If you have problems losing weight, a fruit and vegetable detox might be for you. If you feel groggy even though you get plenty of sleep, a fruit and vegetable detox might be for you. If your local pizza driver knows you by name, a fruit and vegetable detox might be for you. We put undue stress on ourselves by eating a diet of processed foods, refined sugar and alcohol. Major organs such as the stomach, kidneys and liver have to work extra hard to get rid of toxins. Given enough time the body naturally flushes out unwanted chemicals. By eating fruit and vegetables, we give our organs time to get rid of toxins and enjoy a rest.

Foods to Eat

The food pyramid recommends we get most of our daily nutrients through fruits and vegetables. But when was the last time you looked down on a overflowing plate of vegetables? Write a list of your favourite fruits and vegetables. Avoid canned fruits with sugary syrups. Leave lettuce off your list, because it causes water retention. Legumes are actually considered a vegetable, but stay away from refried beans. Try some fruits you've never had a chance to eat. Mangoes, star fruit and papaya are delicious. Find out what's in season. Also, you'll get better produce when its grown locally.


Start your mornings with a nutritionally packed breakfast. Lots of people don't have the time to slice up fruit, so make a fruit smoothie using various fruits, a banana for creaminess, fruit juice and ice. If you have the time for a fruit salad, mix up the fruit of your choosing with a tablespoon of poppy seed dressing for added spice. Refrain from using salt or sugar. Snacks are a breeze with dried fruit like apricots, raisins, bananas and strawberries. Forget the usual doldrums of lunch by eating a bean salad. Make the salad the night before by adding one can of black beans, salsa, onions, avocado, jalapeños and lemon juice. You can make a Caribbean themed salad by using a fruit salsa with mango and lime juice. End your day with steamed vegetables. You can incorporate a variety of sauces like coconut curry, marinara and lemon with a tablespoon of olive oil. You'll love a dessert of fruit salad with non-sugar added sorbet.

Detox Plan

Not everyone has the time to detox for a week, but aim for at least three days to clean out your colon. Prepare meals the night before and make large batches. Eat as much as you like and keep exercise to a moderate level. Keep temptation at bay by avoiding restaurants and bars. Do not drink alcohol during your detox; however, have at least 10 glasses of water a day to flush toxins. Not only will your body feel better, but you will experience an increase in energy. Consult with a doctor if you plan this diet for any longer than seven days. With some planning, you'll pull off your detox without a hitch and you'll have a slimmer frame to show for it.

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