Where to buy pegboard

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Pegboards are flat boards peppered with small holes. Secured to a wall, they are useful in storing and organising tools, cooking utensils and other items. Traditionally, pegboards have been made from wood, but metal pegboards are now common. Metal pegboards have some advantages over wood boards, particularly when it comes to removing hooks, which can damage wood boards when pulled out.

Colours and Accessories

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Pegboards come in a variety of sizes and colours, including white, black, grey and red. The standard method of hanging items is to insert a metal hook into a hole in the pegboard, but numerous other styles of hanging accessories are available. These include shelves, racks, baskets, hanging jars, magazine holders and guitar hangers.

Where to Buy

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You have two options for purchasing a new pegboard.

Any local hardware stores should carry pegboard. Several chain retailers carry pegboard, including Ace Hardware, Lowe's, Sears and Staples. Home Depot sells a slat board, which is similar to pegboard, except it has horizontal slots rather than holes.

A website called Wall Control sells several colours of metal pegboards for £29 for two panels 41cm by 82cm (16 inches by 32 inches). Diamond Life Gear sells custom-sized metal pegboards for £2.20 per square foot. You can buy pegboard online through Wal-Mart and have it delivered to the nearest store. The following websites also sell pegboard and pegboard accessories: Car Guy Garage, Amazon, Hookstore, Overstock and Alibaba.

If you want cheap pegboard, you should be able to find it used at garage sales, estate sales and auctions.

Hanging Pegboard

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You can find instructions on hanging pegboards and using them to organise items on the websites of Popular Mechanics and the DIY Network.

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