Shampoo to Get Rid of Green Tint in Blonde Hair

Get rid of green tint in your hair to reveal your beautiful blonde.

Blonde hair can take on a green tint for a variety of reasons. If you swim often in chlorinated pools, your hair can take on a green tint. Swimming pools contain oxidised metals including copper.The copper attaches to the hair and turns it green. This is typically only noticeable in blonde hair, because it is so light.

Ash blonde hair dyes sometimes turn hair green. If this happens, it's usually because it was not the correct colour choice. Steer clear of ash toned hair colours in the future, unless you consult with a hairstylist first.

Swimmer's Shampoo

If the green tint is caused by swimming in a chlorinated pool, wash your hair with swimmer's shampoo. There are different brands of swimmer's shampoos that are sold in drugstores. They are used in the same manner as regular shampoos. Look for shampoos that are labelled "for swimmers". Swimmer's shampoo contains ingredients, such as Pro-Vitamin B5, to wash out the copper from your hair, and removes the green tint. Always use a swimmer's shampoo after swimming if you are prone to green-tinted hair.

Purple Correctional Shampoo

If the green tint is caused by hair dye, wash your hair with a purple correctional shampoo, available at hair salons and beauty supply stores. Look for bottles that are marked "purple colour correction" or "violet colour correction". Purple correctional shampoos cleanse your hair, while neutralising copper tones (greens and oranges), to reveal your underlying blonde hair colour. Depending on the severity of the green tint, you may have to use the shampoo several times. You can use a purple correctional shampoo as often as you desire -- it will not harm your hair.

Blonde Rejuvenating Shampoo

Blonde rejuvenating shampoos are sold in hair salons, beauty supply stores, and most chemists. Look for bottles marked "blonde enhancing" or "blonde rejuvenating". Ingredients in blonde rejuvenating shampoos brighten blonde highlights and cover minor green tints. Results are generally gradual, producing maximum results within two weeks. You can use a blonde rejuvenating shampoo as your everyday shampoo, to help prevent future discolourations.

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