Slim in 6 diet plan

Liposuction. Gastric bypass. Diet pills. America has an obsession with weight loss. One of the leading promoters of this get-thin-now mentality is Beach Body, developers of P90X, Hip Hop Abs and Turbo Jam. Its latest product, Slim 6, promises to help you lose up to six pounds and six inches in just six days. But exactly what kind of diet plan do they have in store for you?

The Program

The Slim in 6 program has several essentials that make it work. Exercise CDs and a resistance band are the core to working and sculpting the body; a guidebook and motivational tools like a measuring tape and a slide calorie counter help to keep you on track and losing weight.

The Concept

Slim in 6 is not so different from other diets you'll find out there. There is nothing, apart from some proprietary workouts, that you couldn't do on your own with proper motivation. Essentially the program consists of cardiovascular workouts, low-resistance training and nutritional advisement. There are no special devices, no meals and no appetite suppressants to help you along. With Slim in 6, you need to be motivated to lose weight. This program just provides a little extra incentive.


There's no questioning whether Slim in 6 can work for you. If you're true to the program you're going to lose weight. The problem is in the expectations. If you don't currently work out, chances are you'll be motivated for a day or two and then you'll start to lose interest. The lifestyle-change expectation of the diet inventor is unrealistic for real, long-term weight loss.

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