Self prostate massage techniques

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According to the Mayo Clinic, doctors have used prostate massage for years to relieve the symptoms of prostatitis. Some men also use prostate massage as a sexual technique to achieve prolonged and intense orgasms. There are several techniques for prostate massage, including internal and external massage and assisted massage--with a device. No matter what the reason or method, it's important to do the massage correctly to avoid injury or damage to the prostate.

Internal Massage

Wash your hands before the massage, and trim your fingernails to avoid scratching the delicate rectal tissues. Void your bladder and bowels beforehand. During the massage, wear close-fitting rubber gloves and use a water-based lubricant. Rubber gloves are more sanitary and cause less friction than bare fingers. Lie in a position that is comfortable for you and allows easy access to your prostate. For some, lying prone with the knees drawn up works well. Other men have success working from a side-lying position, or on their knees. Insert your finger into your anus slowly, and allow the muscles to adjust. Do not rush the process, as this may cause discomfort. Locate the prostate by crooking your finger toward the front wall of the abdomen. The prostate should feel like a walnut-size ball. The centre of the prostate is very sensitive, so massage only the sides of the organ. During the massage, you may experience an erection and even ejaculation--both responses are perfectly natural. Be sure to relax and breathe.

External Massage

Many men are uncomfortable with the thought of internal prostate massage and may prefer the external method. As with the internal massage, wash your hands and trim your nails beforehand. You can access the prostate through the perineum, the strip of skin between the scrotum and anus. The prostate and the perineum are both very sensitive, so press gently and use the pads of your fingers, not the tips. There is a small "seam" that runs the length of the perineum. Use this as your guideline and move your fingers, back and forth, over the seam. If you feel pain or discomfort, decrease the pressure. You may experience an erection or ejaculation, both of which are normal responses.

Assisted Massage

There are prostate massage devices on the market. The nice thing about these devices is that many are hands-free--a great benefit for those who have trouble reaching their anus or perineum. The Aneros is an internal device that uses the sphincter muscles to massage the prostate. The Prostate Cradle is an external device that massages the perineum. Men have also used pencils and rounded drumsticks; however, these items are not designed to go inside the human body and may cause damage. If you are considering using an aid, use one that is specifically designed for prostate massage.

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