Home remedies for cleaning alloy rims

The wheels of a car are like the feet of a person in that keeping them clean is important. Not only do clean wheels help prevent build-up or dirt and corrosive materials, but they make the car look better. Cleaning alloy rims is simple and easy with items found around your house.

Brushes and Water

Give the wheels an initial scrub-down with brushes and warm water to remove the grit from the wheels. Do not use sponges as they will simply push the grit around on the wheels. Don't forget to scrub in between the spokes and in the lug nut holes.

Bottle brushes work well for this part. If you do not have a bottle brush, any stiff-bristled brush will work.


An all-purpose cleaner is perfect for cleaning down the wheels. If you do not want to use an all-purpose cleaner, mix together vinegar and water--a half-and-half mixture--to create your own cleaner. Spray the cleaner all over the wheels and then use the brushes again.

Rinse and Wipe Down

Finally, spray the soap off of the wheels off with a hose. Then wipe down the wheels with a microfiber cloth. Follow up with an alloy polish, which can be found at most car stores.

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