Where to Buy Tazo Tea

Tazo tea

The Tazo tea brand was founded in 1994 by Steve Smith. He developed his tea blends using an ancient tea recipe found on the Tazo Stone that was unearthed inside a cave next to the Red Sea in 1987. Today Tazo features more than 40 current varieties of teas, including black, green and herbal teas. Teas cannot be purchased directly from the Tazo website, but there are many retailers that offer Tazo teas.


Starbucks purchased the Tazo tea company in 1999 and, naturally, Starbucks sells what it owns. Tazo teas can be purchased in Starbucks stores or from their online store at starbucksonline.com. Starbucks also serves Tazo teas in-store.

Seattle's Best Coffee

Also owned by Starbucks, Seattle's Best Coffee offers Tazo teas in their stores, many of them located within Borders book stores. Like Starbucks, Seattle's Best serves Tazo teas in-store as well.

Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores, both large and small, carry a selection of Tazo teas, so check either the regular coffee and tea aisle or the speciality foods section. Target and Walmart are two examples of large chain stores that carry Tazo teas, but selections will vary.


For convenience or if your grocery store doesn't carry Tazo and you're not located near a coffee shop that does either, there's always online shopping. Several online retailers carry Tazo teas, including these: amazon.com, buy-tea-online.com, cooking.com and igourmet.com. Another benefit to shopping online is you'll find the blend you like.

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