Low Testosterone Treatment for Women

Typically, women are not thought of when considering the problem of low testosterone. But when women suffer from low testosterone production in their body it can cause conditions such as low libido, depression and osteoporosis. Women are treated for low testosterone with different methods than men being treated for the same condition.

Low Testosterone Causes and Symptoms

Testosterone diminishes in men and women through the ageing process. In a healthy woman, testosterone is about 10 per cent of what is produced in a healthy male body. Testosterone is produced in the adrenal glands and ovaries in the female body.

Symptoms experienced by women with low testosterone include fatigue, low sex drive, osteoporosis, depression, hot flushes, reduction in muscle mass, skin wrinkles and difficulty with concentration. Supplementing testosterone can often resolve these problems that are usually associated with ageing.

Progesterone Treatment

Low levels of progesterone are responsible for low testosterone in women. The body converts progesterone into a different type of progesterone and then converts it again into androstenedione, and that is where testosterone is made in a healthy woman. When levels of progesterone are too low, the body does not have what it needs to make testosterone in the body.

Progesterone cream is recommended as a treatment option for low testosterone in women. This is a better option than testosterone supplementation, which can cause a host of problems in women if the levels of testosterone become too high. Progesterone treatment can rectify the problem within six months.

Natural Testosterone Supplementation

Natural testosterone supplementation is used on women who are suffering from the symptoms of menopause that are caused by low levels of testosterone. Women who have undergone cancer treatment are also treated with testosterone to remove poisonous cells and hormones from the body.

The dosage should be kept low in the beginning stages of low testosterone treatment so the effect can be monitored closely. Testosterone can be administered through pill, injection, patch, gel or implant.

Women who are suffering post-menopausal symptoms can benefit from the health benefits and decreased risk of osteoporosis that natural testosterone supplementation can provide.

Synthetic Testosterone Supplementation

When using testosterone supplements, it is important that bioidentical testosterone be used for treatment. A bioidentical hormone, in this case, testosterone, is one that has the same structure chemically as those produced by the body.

Women can take bioidentical testosterone only with a doctor's prescription. Doctors can determine a woman's testosterone level with a blood spot test, which will indicate the amount of testosterone that is needed and whether the correct levels have been reached with supplementation.

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