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Where to Buy Passion-Rx

Updated February 21, 2017

Passion Rx is one of many male enhancement and sexual health supplements on the market. Its main working ingredient is yohimbe, which has been shown to increase blood flow to the penis, causing it to engorge with more blood and appear larger. The effects are temporary and the penis returns to prior size if the supplement is no longer taken. There are numerous ways you can obtain a bottle of this natural supplement.

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There are numerous herbal websites such as and that allow you to purchase the supplement for around £22-$36. Along with Passion Rx, the websites offer a variety of herbal supplements for a variety of health issues. Perhaps the site most commonly used and the one often cited by the product's maker is They offer a variety of ways to pay, including PayPal, and have been given the all clear by the Better Business Bureau.

While you can find Passion Rx from a variety of fringe and herbal sites, major sites, such as, also provide the supplement for a price of £22. You can also find auctions for the supplement on and other auction sites. As with any online purchase, you should be careful and only purchase items from vendors you trust.

Mainstream Stores and by Phone

If you have any health stores near you, they may carry Passion Rx or brands similar to them. Wal-Mart sells an alternative version of this called Magna Rx. You can also call Advanced Physician Formulas at 877-225-2466 to order by credit card.

Passion Rx would be in the vitamin and herbal supplement section, since it is not a drug and has not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration.


The main active ingredient in Passion Rx is yohimbe, which is its own supplement and can be found in most grocery stores, health-food stores and chain department stores. It will likely not be identified as a male enhancement product, but it is often much less expensive than Passion Rx and other male enhancement supplements. CVS sells yohimbe bark extract for £3, as compared to the average £22 price of Passion Rx. Yohimbe can also be found online at most herbal supplement websites.

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