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Ideas for Arched Window Treatments

Arch Display

  1. Why conceal the beautiful architectural features of your window? Showcase your window's arch by hanging curtains only ¾ of the way. Place a curtain rod just below where the window's arch begins to take form. Then, simply place curtains that match your taste in décor. This idea is best suited for rooms where natural light is welcome, such as kitchens, home offices or living rooms, as opposed to media rooms and bedrooms.

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Shaded Glory

  1. If you would like to accentuate your arched windows without forgoing privacy or letting in too much sunlight, use arched window shades. While they may not be readily available in your local Target or Walmart, retailers who specialize in window treatments will carry a plethora of arched window shades. For an unfussy and cohesive look, use a wooden window shade to conceal the arch of the window and finish off the look by covering the rest of your window with wooden blinds in a similar finish.

DIY Arch Swags

  1. Don't feel like you have to spend hundreds of dollars to get custom-made window swags to accentuate your arched windows. Instead, save a few bucks and create your own with just a few curtain pulls and fabric that matches your current drapery. Place a curtain pull at the very center of the top of the arch and then diagonally place an additional curtain pull along each side of the arch; it should form a perfect triangle. Then, simply place fabric onto the curtain pulls and gather until you've created a design you like.

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