Where to Buy Tend Skin Solution

If you suffer from razor burn, skin irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hair after shaving or waxing, Tend Skin solution is a remedy for you to try. The most common formula used is the original liquid formula. Tend Skin also manufacturers other products like a shaving gel, underarm guard and moisturising lotion. Tend skin can be bought a various locations.


Visit your local pharmacy chain to find Tend Skin solution. You will find Tend Skin in the shaving accessories aisle. The bottle is royal blue comes in four, six and eight ounce bottles.


Many spas that perform hair removal service sell Tend Skin. Many spas will not apply the solution unless you specifically request it. There may be a service charge, but you will find immediate relief from red and irritated skin that has just had hair removed.

Beauty Specialty Stores

Find Tend Skin at beauty speciality stores like Sephora or Ulta. These beauty mega-stores sell many products that help skin irritation after hair removal, but you will most likely find Tend Skin products prominently displayed.


Purchase Tend Skin products online directly through the company's own website or through participating retailers like Sephora. Tendskin.com has a complete line of all of their products including items not related to hair removal. Sephora.com carries Tend Skin and other brands of products developed to help heal skin irritation after hair removal.

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