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Creams to Get Rid of Gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia is a condition characterised by an abnormal enlargement of breast tissue in men. Often caused by uneven hormone levels, namely between testosterone and oestrogen, a subtle to marked swelling within the chest develops over a period of time. For some men, this can cause a certain amount of chest tenderness and even pain. Although treatment is not necessary for this condition, because it poses no real health risks, many men seek treatment to remedy the appearance of their chest.

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Testosterone Cream

One type of product that seems to be gaining popularity in the treatment of gynaecomastia is testosterone creams. Since your body may be deficient in testosterone, creams containing this particular hormone can serve to balance out the hormonal levels of your body. For some men, daily topical applications of testosterone can go a long way to actually reducing the size of breast tissue, so talk to your doctor about using this type of product for the treatment of your condition. Look for a testosterone concentration level of between 2 per cent and 5 per cent for best results.

To use the cream, simply apply between 1 and 2g to the abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms or scrotum. Actually, the scrotum is the ideal location, as the absorption of testosterone is greater within this area of the body. However, the amount varies with the concentration of testosterone and area of application, so make sure to follow any instructions on the packaging before using the product. Once applied, it is recommended that you let the area dry before dressing. You want to give the lotion enough time to absorb into the skin; a few minutes are all it really takes to dry. But, you may want to consider applying the cream in the evening, since mornings can be a rush for some people. Over time, you should begin to notice a change in the size of breast tissue.


As you use any sort of testosterone cream to treat gynaecomastia, make sure to have periodic check-ups with your doctor to better monitor your health. Physicians should be able to measure the level of testosterone in your blood. Though you're looking to increase the amount of this hormone in your system, you still want it within a normal, healthy range. Not doing so could result in serious side effects, such as high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and prostate problems. It may also cause you to experience headaches, dizziness, indigestion and skin irritation (namely in the area of application).

When you're using a gel, avoid applying to the scrotum as it could irritate the skin on this area of the body. In this situation, stick to the arms, shoulders, chest or abdomen.

Other Treatments

If the testosterone cream fails to provide any significant results, talk to your doctor about other forms of treatment. Tamoxifen and raloxifene are two of the most common. Though these medications are often used in the treatment of cancer, men have seen a diminishing in the size of breast tissue with the use of these drugs.

The only other method of treating gynaecomastia are surgery, such as mastectomy and liposuction. In these surgical procedures, breast tissue or breast fat is removed from the body. This can often reduce the size of the breast, allowing for a more natural appearance.

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