Best Way to Find Who a Phone Number Belongs To

Twenty or thirty years ago it wasn’t too difficult to find out who a phone number belonged to. We simply called the operator or asked at the telephone company. Nowadays there are privacy laws, and not everyone wants his number to appear on caller ID.

Still, depending on the circumstances, there are ways to find out who a telephone number belongs to.

Reverse Phone Number Lookup and Other Web Searches

The web provides plenty of opportunities for anyone wishing to find out who a phone number belongs to. The obvious first step is to enter the phone number into your favourite search engine and see if there are any results. If the number belongs to a business or if it is a publicly listed phone number, it will show up in a web search.

There are also reverse lookup services. These are websites where individuals can search for contact information using names, addresses and/or telephone numbers. With reverse lookup services, enter the phone number to receive the name and address behind the phone number. However, this information doesn’t come free, or cheap. Some reverse lookup services cost £26 to £32 to use. Many will give you names, addresses and telephone numbers – if this information is available – at a cost. Even the reverse lookup websites promising free service will charge some sort of fee for complete information, but you might at least get a name for free.

Call the Phone Company

If there is a number on your phone bill and you’re not sure who it belongs to, call your telephone provider and ask for the information. The provider will give this information if the number was dialled from your home. However, the company will not release this information for random requests.

Other Ways to Find Out Who Owns a Phone Number

Don’t discount the obvious. Call the number to find out who it belongs to. Explain to the person on the other end why you are calling. Not everyone will readily give out his name or other information, but if you have a valid reason for wanting to know this number, the other party can be helpful.

If you are being harassed, contact the police. If there is a legitimate threat, they will help to find out the phone number so you can go to court for a cease and desist or restraining order.

Privacy Laws

Thanks to various privacy laws, it’s not as easy to find out who owns an unlisted number as it used to be. If it’s a legal matter, your attorney or the courts can help you. If it’s not important and you can’t find out through a web search or by calling, it’s might be best to respect the owner’s privacy.