Ideas for Decorating a Picture Frame

Picture frames can be like small strips of canvas, where you add colour and designs that say a bit more about the person, pet or thing in the picture. Decorate picture frames as a gift, or have fun decorating your own frames.


Decorate picture frames of your children for their grandparents. Ask them to collect small objects to attach to the frame. Or, purchase a pack of Sculpey clay, and have the kids create small squiggly critters and dots to attach to the frame. Choose bright colours for a playful look.


Buy some paint markers and create designs on the frame. Choose colours that are either similar or highly contrasting. For example, if you have a frame with an off-white antique finish, create a border at the edge with a gold metallic marker, and add a some freehand curves and arcs. For a bright blue frame, try painting on some bright pink and yellow designs.


Collect objects that suit the theme of the picture. If you're framing a picture of a girl on the beach, who also happens to love dress-up, collect some beads, sequins, small rocks and shells to glue to the frame. For a boy who loves sports, attach tickets to the last game he went to, or stickers of a baseball, football or hockey stick. D├ęcoupage paper items and stickers to the surface of the frame.


Write a favourite saying on the sides of a frame, or quote a line of poetry. Make a lighthearted statement of affection, or write a few song lyrics with a silver paint pen around the frame. Paint over the words with an acrylic glaze. Find images and words in magazines that have meaning to your friend or family member. Cut them out and d├ęcoupage them to the picture frame.

Do-it-yourself Frame

Purchase a frame that is designed for being coloured with crayons and markers at an art supply stores. A child can do this project on her own. If she decides to change the colours and designs, she can wipe them off and do them over (see "References" below).

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