Troubleshooting a Canon Pixma

Canon Pixma printers combine affordability, durability and clear printing, while the Canon Pixma Pro series of printers enables larger printouts (13 by 19 inches), and features up to a 10-color pigment ink system and advanced colour controls.

Many Canon Pixma printers, such as the Pixma MP980, are all-in-one printers capable of printing, scanning, and faxing. Despite the quality that the Canon Pixma line represents, they do have their occasional problems, like virtually all electronics.

E5 Error, Printer Not Printing

In certain models of Canon Pixma printers such as the Canon MP160 and Canon MP150, you may receive an E5 error when trying to print. In this state, you will not be able to use any of the functions of your printer. The error itself is an ink cartridge error. It may be that you are using generic or off-brand ink cartridges in your Canon Pixma printer. Canon Pixma printers do not work with other brands of print cartridges; invest in Canon brand ink cartridges and this should take care of your problem.

Printer Paper Jam Problems

You may have a Canon Pixma printer that constantly jams either right away or when the paper is in the process of being fed through. Occasionally, you may see your paper twist to the side before becoming jammed.

The first things to look for are obstructions inside of your Canon Pixma printer. Remove any loose covers. With a small flashlight and pair of long tweezers, try peering into the printer and removing any debris that you find stuck inside.

In the case of the Canon Pixma MX310, you may receive a 5100 error (after clearing a jam), which indicates a carriage home position error. Use a cotton swab and some alcohol to clean the plastic strip that runs the length of the carriage. Turn the printer off and then back on again and verify that the carriage returns to the home position. Also verify that the carriage is secure by pressing down on it.

In any case, before printing again, use the menu functions on your printer to make sure the paper size matches the size you are feeding into the printer.

Print Carriage Moves but Printer Not Printing

You may have a problem with the Canon Pixma printer where the carriage moves but no ink comes out and you are left with a blank page. First remove the ink cartridges and make sure the protective tape has been removed from the ink cartridge head. Re-insert the ink cartridges and make sure they are seated securely.

Consult your instruction manual to run a nozzle test to check for colour dispersal. If you have partial or no success, run the nozzle cleaning program and then another test. If repeated nozzle cleanings do not produce satisfactory results, then call Canon customer support or take the printer to a repair depot.