Things to write in birthday cards

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You can address a birthday card with words of humour, love or friendship. It is those personal handwritten lines that mean so much to the person receiving the card. Convey your feelings in a birthday card with a few words that say more than just "happy birthday.



Here are a few ideas when addressing a birthday card with a little bit of humour: For a woman who is over 40 and is a good friend or relative:

"Now comes the years of adjustments, you will constantly need to adjust parts of you back in to place and search for ways to keep up what gravity has finally pulled down!"

"In your old age you have become such a victim--a victim of gravity! Happy Birthday!"

"Welcome to the age when you appreciate the good things in life. A good bra, a good bowel movement, a good haemorrhoid cream and a good stiff drink. Happy Birthday!"

Humour for a man who is a good friend or family member over 40:

"Congratulations! You have reached the age where the only thing you can take out at night is your teeth! Happy Birthday!"

"You are now living in the age where your body functions have a mind of their own! Happy Birthday!"


Here are some things you can write to a friend on their birthday card:

"Today is the day that my best friend turns__. I don't tell you enough what a great friend you are."

"Enjoy this day and may you have many more birthdays. Happy Birthday!"

"May your day be filled with as much happiness as your friendship has given me. Happy Birthday!"

"If you looked up the meaning of friend in the dictionary, your picture would appear. You have been the best friend anyone could ask for. Happy Birthday!"

"May your birthday be filled with happiness and joy. Happy Birthday!"

"May this day be as special to you as you are to all who know you. Happy Birthday!"

"I hope you have a very happy birthday with many more of them to come. Happy Birthday!"


Here are a few words you can say on a birthday card to convey love:

"Happy Birthday to the love of my life."

"To the one I love on his birthday."

"A wish for a special day to the special person in my life."

"To the love of my life on his birthday."

"May your birthday bring you all the happiness and love that you have brought to me."

"On this special day I cannot help to stop and think what a lucky person I am that you were born on this day."

"You are not getting older, just better, and the better you are the more I love you!"