Clay Pottery Ideas

Working in clay to make your own pottery is a rewarding and fun hobby. Hand building a piece of pottery or throwing clay on the wheel, whatever method is used , will produce uncommon and personalised pieces. Hand building is the least expensive way to get started making pottery.

Clay and pottery supplies can be purchased locally or online.

Hand Building

Some of the most beautiful pieces of pottery can be hand built. A slab of clay is rolled out and pieces are then cut in different shapes to form a piece of pottery. This can be anything from a box that is square, rectangular or cylindrical. Some items that are made from rectangles are birdhouses, boxes, mugs and abstract designs. When doing an abstract piece try piecing together different shapes to create a distinctly different piece.


Add texture to your design. Items found around the house can be used. Kitchen gadgets can be used to poke, scrape, press or roll a design onto the clay. Fabric is another item that can be used to add texture to your piece of pottery. Dollies placed on the clay and then pressed into the clay add a variety of interest. The end of a pen makes perfect circles that can be pressed into the clay. Hardware makes interesting textures; consider using screening from windows, or nuts and bolts. Stamps can be used to apply a design to the clay. Buy stamps at craft stores or make your own from sponges of different textures. Glazing pens are a way to write personalised messages on your fired bisque pottery.


Any form can be used as a mould for clay, especially items found around the house. Bowls of any shape can be used. A slab of clay is rolled out to a desired thickness and then placed over a mould and smoothed out. The clay can also be laid inside the mould. Clay can be wrapped around a cardboard cylinder to make round shapes that can be used for vases, towers, or cups.