1950s party decorations

A nostalgic 1950s party can transport guests back into a completely different era. Bring back the decade of swing, rock and roll, and good clean fun. A sock hop is a popular and easily recognisable fifties theme. Transform your home or venue into another time with the use of decor.


The tone of the event begins with the invitation. For your invitations, use a photo that is distinctly from the fifities, such as a music record to Elvis. Encourage guests to dress in their best 1950s attire. When guests wear costumes, they instantly contribute to the atmosphere. For example, ladies can wear poodle skirts and men can wear leather jackets.

Choose a colour palette. Commonly used colour palettes in the fifties involved the checkered colour combination. Black and white are a popular 1950s colour combination. Black and pink are colours that also graced sock hops across the country.

Include a jukebox somewhere in your decor. Rent a real jukebox for authenticity. If you opt out of a real jukebox, find an inflatable jukebox or hang a picture of a jukebox on the wall. Include celebrities at your event. Have stand-up cutouts of famous celebrities, like James Dean, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe. For a more affordable option, hang posters of fifties celebrities.

Use balloon design in your decor. Balloons can create an instant party atmosphere and they can also utilise your colour palette. Have a balloon archway at the entrance. Group balloons together and tie their ribbons on a paperweight. Float them near the ceiling, border them against walls, or even design balloons as centrepieces. Choose balloons in your colour palette. Other ways to apply your colour palette are with streamers and confetti.

Have tables draped in your colour palette. For example, if you chose black and white, you can choose one colour, have tables alternating in each colour, or use a checkered tablecloth. Use fifties centrepieces, such as records or 3D tissue decor, like an ice cream sundae. You can also hang records on walls or hang 3D tissue decor from the ceiling.

Though food may not technically be considered decor, keep it consistent to the era. Serve all-American meals, like hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, soda pop and ice cream sundaes.

Dance with rock 'n' roll was a major characteristic of the era. Hang giant music notes on the wall. Hire a fifties-inspired band and have a portable dance floor placed in front of the stage. These factors can also serve as major decorative features. If you're lucky, your venue will come with a stage. If you do not have a stage, rent a makeshift stage. Look for a fifties band that's willing to dress up in theme and play fifties swing music. Find a black-and-white checkered portable dance floor to place in front of the stage. With guests dancing to music in their 1950s attire, your party will truly look like a sock hop.