On Which Finger Do You Wear an Eternity Ring?

Eternity rings are a beautiful symbol of unity and love. While they are most commonly used as wedding or anniversary rings, eternity rings can be purchased and worn as a symbol of the love and commitment of any type of relationship.

Depending on the meaning behind the eternity ring it can be worn in several different ways.

With Wedding Rings

A common way to wear an eternity ring is to wear it with your wedding rings. If an eternity band is thin it is acceptable to wear it in addition to your engagement and wedding band. The combination of bands should not overpower your finger, meaning that you should still be able to easily bend your finger and should have a space between the top band and your knuckle. If wearing all three rings together does not suit your personal taste, replace your wedding band or engagement ring with the eternity ring. Eternity rings are becoming more common as wedding rings and can be worn with a complementing engagement ring or alone.

As an Anniversary Band

Eternity rings are quickly growing in popularity as a choice for an anniversary ring. To wear an eternity ring as an anniversary ring, either replace your wedding band with the anniversary ring or wear it alone on the fourth finger of your left hand. If you want your wedding rings to remain more traditional, wear the eternity ring on the fourth finger of your right hand, keeping your original wedding rings on your left hand.

On Other Fingers

An eternity ring that is given to you to represent another relationship other than a marriage can be worn on the fourth finger of your right hand or on any other finger. You can also stack the eternity ring with any other rings on your hand as long as the stacked rings do not overpower your hand by reaching your knuckle or above. An eternity ring given for a relationship other than a marriage can really be worn on any finger other than the wedding finger, the fourth finger of the left hand. It is inappropriate to wear a ring other than one symbolising a romantic relationship on the wedding finger.