Pork tenderloin fillet recipe

It is easy to get confused when you read a recipe that calls for pork fillet. Likewise, depending on your grocery store, it can be confusing to find a pork tenderloin. The answer to this confusion is that both are the same cut of meat. The tenderloin roast is the pork fillet roast sold at the grocery store or meat market. The only difference is in what the butcher decides to call it.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork fillets, or pork tenderloins, are small roasts weighing approximately 1 pound. Due to their small size, a pork fillet can be cooked by a number of methods in less than an hour, making the cut an easy dinner choice for time-pressed cooks. Pork fillets also adapt well to slow cooker cooking and can be started in the morning and ready to eat at dinner time.


Rub the entire tenderloin with any pork barbecue rub. This can be as simple as brown sugar and pepper to a prepared rub. Brown the pork fillet on all sides in a heavy skillet. Cut 4 to 6 large potatoes into wedges. Season the wedges with Mrs. Dash or other combination seasonings. Place the wedges on an oiled baking pan.

Quick Barbecue Fillet Dinner

This barbecue fillet is made in the oven. Place the fillet in a shallow baking dish and cover with foil. Place in a 400F oven. Place the potato wedge pan next to the baking dish. Cook the fillet for 30 minutes and remove from the oven. Turn the potatoes over in the pan. Brush your favourite barbecue sauce over the entire roast and place the roast back into the oven to cook for another 15 to 20 minutes. The roast and potatoes are done when the roast reaches 160F internally and the potatoes are fork tender.

Serving the Barbecue Fillet

Allow the roast to sit undisturbed for five to 10 minutes after removing it from the oven. Slice the fillet into thin slices with a sharp, serrated knife. Serve the sliced fillet with the roasted potatoes and slaw or beans.

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