The Best Shoes for Feet Problems

Problem feet can make even the most mundane and simply tasks seem unbearable. Foot problems affect a wide population of men and women alike. The best shoes for feet problems, however, are shoes currently available in the marketplace. These shoes can help remove pain and keep problem feet comfortable.

Swollen Feet

Women who have swollen feet on a regular basis need to look for shoes with substantial stretch. The stretchy material of the upper shoe will help expand with the foot when it swells and will reduce the pain associated with the swelling. A shoe with a hook and eye closure, which are often marketed towards women and men with diabetes are also great. The ease of adjustment gives your feet more room for expansion. Clarks has several hook and eye closure shoes for both genders.

Heel Pain

Heel pain normally occurs when the gait of how you walk places significant stress onto the heel. The gait is not easy to correct but shoes with extra support and cushioning in the heel area can help to reduce the pain and take stress of the injured area.

Brooks is a company that makes running and walking sneakers that have excellent heel cushioning. They are known to relieve the pain by allowing for the sneaker's cushioning system to distribute the pressure evenly. Acor is a brand that has more formal or business-appropriate footwear, but the principle remains. The cushioning in the heel helps distribute the pressure from walking thus relieving the stress placed on the injured or overused heel bone.

Ball of Foot

If pain is located in the ball of the foot or in the toes it is very possible that the shoes that you are wearing are the reason for the pain. Ball pain and toe pain normally occurs when the foot is too constricted and doesn't have freedom of motion, thus the foot is held in an awkward and unnatural position. Women with pain in the ball of their foot should try not to wear high-heeled shoes for extended periods of time and should look for wider width shoes that will accommodate the toe area better. By wearing flat shoes and allowing the foot to move more naturally the pain should subside in a few days. Mootsie Tootsies offers wider width shoes that are more accommodating to the foot, however they still specialise in feminine footwear so finding a good high-heel is easy.

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