9-year-old boy birthday party ideas

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For a 9-year old-boy, celebrating his birthday is an exciting time. Since he's outgrown some of the parties that may be popular with younger boys and hasn't reached the teenage years, it can be a lot of fun to have a theme party that will keep him and his friends active for a few hours. Not only should various themed games and activities keep the boys entertained, but a theme party will be a party they are sure to remember for years to come.

Space Party

A space party is perfect for the 9-year-old boy that's fascinated with outer space. Decorations for a space-theme party can include things like navy or black streamers, balloons, and table linens. Sponge star and moon shapes can also be used with yellow paint to decorate the table clothes. An inflatable sun and planets can be purchased from the Oriental Trading Company and hung from the ceiling to give the room more of an outer space feel.

For food, serve things like Flying Saucer Sandwiches, pita bread filled with lunch meat or peanut butter & jelly; Cosmic Fruit Salad, a simple fruit salad with pineapple cut into star and moon shapes; and Space cake and ice cream, with a cake shaped like the moon and frosting used to make craters. Add a small American flag made with stickers and a toothpick.

To entertain the children, get together a bucket full of rocks and let them paint them with glow-in-the-dark or florescent paint to make moon rocks. These can be used for a game after the paint dries. In the meantime, have a space race. Use things like tires or rope to create a obstacle course. Then divide the kids up into teams. Give each team a bowl of cotton balls and each kid a spoon. Have them carry the cotton balls on a spoon, through the obstacle course, to the finish line. The team who gets the most cotton balls through the obstacle course wins. Once the moon rocks are dry, hide them in various places throughout the house or yard. Then have the children find them. To make it more competitive, have them divide into two teams to see which team can find the most moon rocks.

Baseball Party

A baseball party is a great theme to have outdoors at a local baseball field. In addition to the pertinent information (location, date, and time of party) being on the invitations, tell guests to wear any baseball attire they have like baseball jerseys and/or hats.

Set up the party at a local baseball field. Decorate the tables with linens in that represent the colours of the birthday boy's favourite team. Helium balloons can also be attached to the corners of the tables. Serve traditional ballpark food. Bring a small grill and grill hot dogs. Let the kids choose their own hot dog toppings. Cracker jacks, popcorn, and chips can also easily be served. For drinks, make fruit punch and keep water bottles on hand in case the boys get thirsty while they are playing.

There are various games that can be done for a baseball themed birthday. Of course, a game of baseball can be played, but there could also be a timed race around the bases. Grab a stop watch and have the boys start at home base and run the bases as fast as the can. The kid who crosses home plate with the fastest time wins. Tie a hula hoop to the backstop and let the kids take turns trying to throw the ball through the hoop. The child who makes the most balls through the hula hoop wins. A sunflower-seed-spitting contest is one game 9-year-old boys are sure to love. Have the children all stand on a line and give them a bag of sunflower seeds. See which child can spit them the farthest.

Basketball Party

Renting space at a local gym or YMCA will make a great place to have a basketball party for a 9-year-old boy. For decorations, set up a food table decorated with table linens in colours that represent the birthday boy's favourite team. Balloons and streamers can also be used for decoration.

Refreshments for a basketball-themed party should be similar to those that one could get at a stadium. Hot dogs, popcorn, chips, and peanuts are great foods that will keep with the basketball theme. Soft drinks, Gatorade and bottled water can also be served for drinks. Make a basketball cake using a round cake pan and orange coloured icing. Chocolate sprinkles can be used to define the lines of the basketball.

While a game of basketball can be played, there are other games that can be played as well. Try a basketball race by setting up cones and having the kids dribble the ball in and out of them, or see which child can make the most baskets in a certain amount of time.

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