Unique birthday gift ideas for 50 year old male

birthday image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.com

Turning 50 is a big milestone. For most, it is a time of freedom, with kids grown and money in the bank. For others, it's a time of starting over with new careers or at the very least a new decade of their life.

Whatever his circumstances are, you can a make a guy feel special with unique birthday gifts on his milestone birthday.

On the Day You Were Born

Give him an "On the Day You Were Born" birthday gift, which is a bound-book version of the actual New York Times newspaper printed on the day of his birth. He'll have fun reading about all the other things happening around the world on the day he arrived, and the bound cover will ensure it stays in good condition.

Appeal to His Senses

Find bath and spa products he'll enjoy. Women aren't the only ones who appreciate gifts like these; men also appreciate a bit of pampering on their birthdays. Wrap up some masculine designer scented soaps in masculine fragrances. Stop at a department store fragrance counter for samples of the latest scents.

Erotic Pleasures

As the spouse or significant other of the birthday boy, wrap up some sexy lingerie, such as a full-length bodysuit in stretch lace, or a black lace bustier and a matching g-string. Put them in a black shiny box with a gold satin ribbon. Men love it when their mates go out of their way to be as sexy as possible as a special birthday gift. You can also present the lingerie by wearing it instead.

His Favorite Childhood Treat

Find out what his favourite home-baked food was when he was a child, and bake it as a birthday surprise. Maybe he loved home-made apple pie, or an ethnic treat that he rarely has anymore. Or, he might have a favourite type of candy or cookie that he loved as a child, which are now hard to find. Search for these treats in stores or online, and buy a good supply, so he can enjoy knowing how much he is loved for weeks and months to come.

Home Brew Kit

If your man loves beer, he might enjoy making some of his own brew. If he enjoys micro-brews when he visits a local restaurant, you may be able to take this as a sign that he likes to experiment and may enjoy making his own beers. Check out some of the inexpensive brewing kits for him in bocks, lagers, stouts and ales at and buy one or two of them for his birthday.