Dinosaur Cake Ideas

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Children love dinosaurs. They are fascinated by how big they are, how powerful they are, and how long ago they lived. The fact that kids aren't able to walk up and actually see a dinosaur makes these extinct animals very intriguing. Due to their popularity, dinosaur-themed birthday party supplies are offered by most party companies. There are several different options for a distinct dinosaur birthday cake.

Simple Design

The easiest way to make a dinosaur cake for a dinosaur-themed birthday party is by using simple toys to decorate. Bake a basic rectangular cake and frost it to make the top look like a lush green jungle. Blue frosting down the middle of the cake makes for a great primeval river, and a modified cupcake frosted with brown and red icing looks like a volcano. Top the cake off with inexpensive plastic dinosaurs and trees, and you have a vivid Cretaceous landscape.

Candy Dinosaur

Another dinosaur design option can be inspired by a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter. Bake a simple rectangular cake and use a small baker's knife to cut the cake into the same shape as the cookie cutter. The best way to do this is to lightly cut a line into the top of the cake in the same shape as the cutter. Once an acceptable shape has been cut into the top, push the knife in deeper to eliminate the unneeded pieces.

Frost the cake in your favourite colour. Green is a traditional colour for a dinosaur, but you can use whatever colour you'd like. Add scales and other texture to the dinosaur's body by placing candy in the icing. Candy orange wedges, M&M Minis, and Now-and-Laters work well.

3-D Dinosaur

A more elaborate design for a dinosaur cake looks like an actual dinosaur sitting on the serving plate. Begin by baking two 9-inch round cakes, then cut one of them in half. Set the two half-circle pieces side by side with the cut sides down. This forms the humping back of the dinosaur. Cut the shapes for the head and legs out of the second circular cake. Use a simple white frosting and toothpicks to hold the pieces in place.

Once the body is set up how you like it, frost the cake in your favourite dinosaur colour. Once again, a green icing will make a traditional dinosaur, but you can use whatever colour you'd like. Once the body is complete, feel free to add finishing touches. Candy corn makes excellent tail spikes, and chocolate chips can serve as dinosaur eyes. A little bit of roasted coconut spread around the serving plate under the cake makes it look like the dinosaur is sitting on the ground.

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