Birthday Party Ideas for a 6-Year-Old Boy

For the Birthday Boy

For 6-year-old boys, a birthday party is a special event. Your 6-year-old reaps the benefits of everyone's attention, eats yummy cake and ice cream with his friends, and gets a whole bunch of really cool presents--all for just being born. Choose a theme to make the day special.

Soccer Party

Plan a soccer party for your 6-year-old boy. Soccer combines a fun activity with the traditional birthday celebration. Search for a children's sports program that specialises in soccer. Such programs, like Super Soccer Stars (, use multiple coaches and come with all equipment including jerseys, balls, nets and cones as well as a variety of games to play and work around the party's schedule to provide a great time for the kids. Alternatively, you could get a group of parents together and run the soccer party yourself.

Send the kids home tired and happy. A soccer party can include multiple games involving running, scoring lots of goals and generally leaving the kids feeling like they are world champions. Breaks for snacks, cake and ice cream are a must. There should no winners and losers, but just a game for fun. Of course, the birthday boy might happen to score a few more goals than anyone else.

Science Party

Throw a science birthday party and make fun an educational experience. Send guests invitations to the "Laboratory Birthday Party" with a sticker of a mad scientist on top.

Complete your experiments with items found at home. Set up two tables, each for a different experiment. Table one is for making molecules. Use plastic coloured toothpicks and Dots candy. On the wall tape up three pieces of paper with different molecules they can make (one should surely be sugar).

Table two is for liquid experiments. Use clear plastic cups partially filled with water. Have the kids add oil to their water and show them how it doesn't sink. Add food colouring, then salt on top and the oil and food colouring sink in balls. As the salt dissolves, the oil and food colouring rise back to the top.

Dress up as a mad scientist and perform a few advanced-level experiments while the kids devour cake and ice cream.

Magic Party

Delight them with a magic party. Pull a nickel from your child's ear and watch him giggle in wonder while he checks the other ear. Hire a local magician to come to your boy's party. A good magician for this age group is the sort who will do tricks for twenty minutes and give the kids a break to run and snack before startling them some more.

Give the kids the chance to be musicians too. To keep them from getting bored, arrange for your magician to include each of the kids at some either by having them serve as assistants or learning a special trick.

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