Fun Cakes to Make With Kids

Decorating cakes allows kids to use their creativity in an edible art form. It also provides the opportunity to teach kids basic kitchen safety skills in a fun way, especially if you allow the kids to participate in the baking process. Encourage the children to make alterations to these cake ideas and personalise the cakes.

Animal Faces

Use a round cake as the base for an animal-face cake. Allow the kids to select the animal that will serve as the model. Use gel food colouring to dye the frosting to make the colour of the animal selected. Have the kids spread the frosting over the top and sides of the round cake.

Use pre-made fondant to make the facial features of the animal. Fondant works like Play-Doh, allowing the kids to easily mould it into eyes, ears, a nose and a mouth. Another option is to use candy to create the facial features. Have the kids place the facial features on the iced cake to complete the animal face.

Candy Cake

Begin with a round or a square cake that's been allowed to cool. Help the kids dye the frosting any colour and frost the cake. Provide a wide range of candies, including miniature candy bars, candy-coated chocolates, fruit-shaped candies and Gummi candies. Unwrap all the candies and place them on a tray for easy access. Allow the kids to arrange the candies all over the cake, making patterns or placing the candies randomly on the cake. Use the candy to make a border along the edge of the cake, and fill in the top of the cake with candy decorations.

Art Canvas Cake

Ice the cake in a layer of white frosting to provide a simple background for the artwork. Give the kids tubes of icing in several different colours. Enclosed tubes purchased at the store reduce messes, but cake-decorating pastry bags fitted with decorating tips can also be used. Use a food sealer to close the end of the pastry bag after it is filled with icing to avoid leaks. Allow the kids to create a masterpiece on the cake canvas with the various colours of icing.

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