Welcome Home Present Ideas

Welcome-home gifts are a pleasant surprise for those returning from an extended trip, a stay in the hospital or a military stint overseas. Considering the plethora of choices available, the individual's personality might be the best way to determine the perfect gift.

Home From a Trip

For someone who has been travelling, a framed photo or a unique picture frame might be a great gift. If the person loves taking pictures, a digital photo frame to show off his trip photos might be the ticket. If she loves to scrapbook, a gift basket with a scrapbook, papers and embellishments might be a wonderful present.

Home From the Hospital

For someone coming home from the hospital, the best gift might be one that costs nothing but time. Home-cooked meals for the day he arrives and for the freezer are always good. A basket of breakfast items to last several days would be welcome. A good store-bought gift might be new bedding for someone who faces a lengthy recovery.

A new mom would appreciate some of the same things, but in addition probably would enjoy having her home cleaned, the laundry done or a bit of baby-sitting to give her a break.

Returning Home From Service

Giftsforyounow.com has a wide selection yellow-ribbon gifts for service members returning home. This site has sweatshirts, hats, T-shirts and other clothing that offer ways to express your appreciation for the soldier and his sacrifices.

Serving some of her favourite foods also is a great way to welcome your soldier home.