Prom car ideas

Prom is one of the biggest nights of a high school student's life, and the way he arrives at prom has to be big enough to match the rest of the night. If you decide to go with just your date, or a small group of friends, a car, instead of a limo or a bus, is a good option.

No matter how you get to the prom, make sure you or whoever is driving is a responsible, sober driver. Have fun, but be safe.

Get a Chauffeur

If you want the style of a limo, but your party is too small for such a big car, rent a town car for the night. They're just as luxurious, and they come with a chauffeur, too -- like a mini-limo. Most limousine rental services will also rent town cars, so check your local phone book or search on the Internet for rental companies.

Ride in Luxury

If you really want to show off, rent a luxury car -- something small, like a two-seater convertible, or ultra-expensive, like a Lamborghini -- for the night. You or your date can drive; just be very, very careful not to scratch the car or damage it in any way.

Note that some rental car companies will not allow anyone under 25 to rent or drive a rental car, or they will charge extra to allow a driver under 25 to drive the car, so borrowing a nice car, if you know someone with one, might be a better idea.

Decorate Your Car

If you want to save money, but don't want to show up in your boring old family car, spice up that car a little bit. Get streamers, wash-off window markers or paint, or any other fun decorations you can find, and deck out the car inside and out. Not only will your ride stand out, but you can make it your own personal creation. You or someone else in your group can drive, or ask a parent or sibling to act as chauffeur for the night.