Ideas for sales incentives

Sales incentives are strategies that focus on getting your staff to want to make sales and are usually initiated when business is slow. It's important when providing these sales incentives to try to motivate everyone, so using the promise of more money, gifts or a promotion are good places to start.


One of the most popular sales incentives is cash, and a great way to offer it is through incentive-based raffles. Use a chart to identify defined goals, and each time an employee achieves one of the goals she is given a raffle ticket. Hence, the more goals an employee reaches the more raffle tickets she receives and the better the chances are she will win.


Offer the winning staff member a gift from your store's merchandise, which could be a new flat-screen television or an all-expenses-paid vacation. They key is to ensure that your staff members all continually want to make a sale.


When a position becomes available you can hold a sales incentive competition to award it to the highest seller. In this case, it's best to run the competition for several months so you see who can sustain a high level of performance and deserves a position of more responsibility. Typically, these competitions are limited to a small group of employees.