What to Write Inside a Birthday Card

A short message written inside a birthday card shows the birthday person that you care about her. Hastily scribbling happy birthday and your name will make the birthday person feel as though you sent the card out of obligation, instead of desire.

Always write some sort of message inside a card to help the birthday person feel special about her day.

Witty Saying

Something witty is an option if you know the person well and they have a good sense of humour. You can look through quotes or witty messages that are available in books, newspapers, newsletters and on the internet to find something to write. Adding humour to a birthday card keeps the event lighthearted and entertaining.

Past Birthdays

Write about a past birthday in the card if the recipient is a close friend. Think about past birthdays. Do they have anything in common? Does something humorous happen? For example, "I remember how every year on your birthday we give you trick candles to blow out. You always think it will be the regular ones."


Write a short message inside the birthday card about the reason the birthday person is a special friend to you. Thank her for being able to share her birthday with her. For example, "Our friendship means so much because you always make me smile when I'm sad. Thank you for sharing your friendship and birthday with me."

Short Poem

You can write a short poem inside a birthday card for a special person. If you're not good with poetry, ask another friend or relative to help you write a poem to put on the card. Poems can be witty and humorous or serious. Even if it doesn't sound perfect, the birthday person will know you put thought and effort into it just for his birthday.

Small Sketch

A small sketch is a personal touch inside a birthday card, particularly if you're an artist. The birthday person will appreciate that you took the time to create a sketch that was specifically for her birthday. If you're not an artist and feeling humorous, you can draw stick figures and label them to illustrate something witty you write inside a birthday card.