What to Wear to a Las Vegas Wedding

Table place setting for a Las Vegas wedding

Weddings in Las Vegas range from extremely casual to elegantly formal. Las Vegas weddings can be traditional, have Elvis or Star Trek themes, involve helicopter rides and more. Due to the wide variety of wedding types and weather depending on the season, choosing attire for a Las Vegas wedding can be tricky.

Bridal Party

The bride's determination of the wedding's formality should be carried throughout. It is her job to make sure everyone knows how fancy or casual the wedding will be. For instance, a Las Vegas bride may choose to wear a full, traditional gown or she may choose to wear a halter top and white shorts.

Brides should take the theme of the wedding, the time of day and the time of year into consideration. For an outdoor wedding in the middle of the summer, brides should avoid a heavy, full gown. A thinner material such as silk or satin would be more comfortable, and stay away from too many layers. Winter weddings in Las Vegas can handle more material as it isn't so hot in the winter. In fact, it may even be a bit chilly.

Bridesmaids and the mother of the bride should dress according to what the bride is planning on wearing. If the bride is going to wear a formal wedding gown, bridesmaids should wear a complimenting, formal bridesmaid dress in the colour of the bride's choice. For the mother of the bride, a nice dress in a complimentary colour works best. On the other hand, if the bride's wearing a pantsuit, capri pants, jeans or shorts, you shouldn't show up in a cocktail dress. Try a similar, but understated look. Do not outdress the bride, no matter what.

Groom and His Supporting Cast

In Las Vegas, a groom can wear anything from a black tuxedo to a white suit to an Elvis costume to jeans and a polo shirt. His attire should compliment that of the bride.

The groomsmen should dress similarly to the groom without overpowering his look. If the groom is in a tuxedo, the groomsmen should also wear a tuxedo. If the groom opts for shorts and a T-shirt, the groomsmen can do the same, although choose a different shade of the same colour or a different but complimenting colour. The groomsmen should not overshadow the groom.


Choose lightweight, breathable materials during the summer to avoid being uncomfortable. In Las Vegas, the summer months are dry and often see temperatures well over one hundred degrees. Monsoons are another weather consideration in Las Vegas. They typically occur in the afternoon between July and September, and consist of sudden thunderstorms, incredible winds and hard, fast rain that can lead to flash floods. Take this into consideration so you don't get caught outside during a monsoon. The coldest months in Las Vegas are usually January and February, when temperatures average between thirty-four and sixty-three degrees. Be sure to bring a sweater or jacket to keep you warm if you attend a winter wedding in Las Vegas.

Weddings held in one of the chapels downtown are one extreme of Las Vegas weddings and are likely the most casual type of weddings in Las Vegas. Unconventional weddings like those taking place in a helicopter (over the strip or Grand Canyon) or roller-coaster (like the one on top of the Stratosphere) are also probably casual. Themed weddings, like Star Trek weddings held at the Hilton, where they have a Star Trek ride and experience, might involve guests dressing in costume according to the theme, otherwise these weddings are most likely casual to semi-formal.

More traditional weddings may be semi-formal to formal. If the ceremony and reception are being held in any of the larger casinos, such as the Mandalay Bay, Bellagio or Excalibur, your attire should be more formal, and perhaps even black-tie if it's held after six in the evening. (The wedding invitation should specify whether the attire is black-tie.)

Brides often opt for traditionally semi-formal to formal weddings in the hotel chapels as well. The date, location and time of the wedding also help determine formality. For instance, if the wedding is to take place in the middle of Red Rock, a natural landmark in Mount Charleston, at noon in July, it's probably casual or semi-formal.

For a particularly casual wedding, women should wear nice slacks or a nice skirt or dress. Do not wear white, and do not wear jeans unless it is specifically noted that you should. Semi-formal weddings call for a light skirt or pantsuit or a nice dress. Light, pastel colours work well for daytime weddings and darker colours are more appropriate for nighttime celebrations. Formal weddings require an elegant suit or cocktail dress, while black-tie events require fancy cocktail dresses or gowns.

Men should wear nice slacks and a button-down shirt or dressy polo shirt to casual weddings. Slacks with a sport coat or a lightweight suit are appropriate for semi-formal weddings, while dark suits are more suitable for formal weddings. For very formal weddings such as black or white-tie events, wear a tuxedo if it takes place after six in the evening or a nice full suit if it's earlier in the day.

Use the invitation style as a guide. If the invitation is formal and heavy with black or gold calligraphy, the wedding is probably formal. If the invitation depicts the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign and poker chips, it's probably casual. If you are still unsure of how to dress, ask the bridesmaids, or even the bride, about the theme and formality of the wedding.

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