How to Decorate a Fuse Box

Peter Gridley/Creatas/Getty Images

An interior home fuse box, as you may already know, can be the bane of a home decorator's raison d'etre. The fuse box can be frustrating to decorate around, but it is certainly not something you can do away with. There are plenty of ways, though, to incorporate the space a fuse box occupies into your decor.

With a little imagination, no one will even guess it's there.

Create a photo gallery. Fuse boxes tend to be located in out-of-the-way spaces in a room. Dedicate that space to a photo gallery of family and friends. Choose one frame large enough to cover the box and several other coordinating frames to arrange around it. Try using all black frames with black and white photos to create a striking point of visual interest.

Add a piece of art. Hang a painting that has been stored away or another piece of art that you enjoy over the fuse box. The art is easy to remove when you need to access the box but will otherwise hide it from view. Consider painting the wall that holds the fuse box and art piece a coordinating colour for added dramatic effect.

Hang a tapestry. Tapestries are typically rich in colour and can be found in tones that coordinate well with the rest of your room. They are sold in all sizes and at all price points so that you can easily find one to cover your fuse box and fit your budget. Because they're made of textiles, tapestries offer the benefit of adding richness and texture to your space.

Use the space to add woodwork. If your home is full of beautiful wood, play that up by using the same kind of wood to build a simple frame. Stretch a piece of colourfully designed fabric across the back of the frame and attach it using tacks or a staple gun. Not only will the frame tie in with the rest of the woodwork in your home, but the fabric can act as inexpensive art. Hang it over your fuse box.

Rotate seasonal pieces. Each season of the year comes with its own colours and artwork. Use the space that houses your fuse box as a canvas for seasonal art. A large picture of a sunflower in summer, for instance, may be replaced by a Halloween-inspired pumpkin hanging, and the pumpkin can be replaced by an Advent calendar.