Natural Cures for Bad Breath in Dogs

Bad breath can be a sign that your dog has an infection or a disease, but often the cause is something easily remedied with natural cures at home.

Diet and Bad Breath

Salmon oil, raw vegetables and probiotic enzymes (the kind found in some yoghurts) vitamins A, C and E are all natural supplements that can help cure bad breath due to poor diet.

But before you add items or change the dog's diet be sure to check with the veterinarian so that you don't harm your dog's health in the name of curing bad breath.

Canned dog food and too many unhealthy table scraps may contribute to your dog's bad breath. Talk to your vet about switching to dry food, and cut down on treats. Raw baby carrots or cucumber slices are a good substitute. Be warned though: Some dogs might have more bowel movements until their systems learn to process the raw vegetables.

Brushing Canine Teeth

Use a special toothbrush and toothpaste -- often flavoured to taste like peanut butter or chicken -- to gently brush your dog's teeth. You can also use your finger or a washcloth.

If you take your dog to a groomer, add tooth-brushing to your service.

While you are working on the dog's mouth, check your dog's gums for discolouring and look for chipped teeth.

The Importance of Chewing

Chewing hard objects for a prolong period scrapes the dog's teeth clean. Giving your dog small, crumbly treats that are quickly consumed won't do the trick. Chew toys are a good substitute and won't make your dog chubby.

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