Nursery Themed Garden Decorating Ideas

When thinking about nursery-themed garden decorating ideas for your little one, the possibilities are endless for both boys and girls. Incorporating this type of theme in a babies room can create an atmosphere of serenity and calm, or fun and outdoor adventure, depending on how you go about it.

Flowers & Plants

When you think of how to decorate with a gardening theme, the first things that come to mind are plants and flowers. Bringing in living plants are good for the air in the room as well as thought to help your child grow more healthy in practices such as Feng Shui. (See References) For little girls, planted flowers that offer pastel colours are great decor items. For little boys, use ferns or spider plants for a more boyish feel. There are many decorative options for pots or you can buy a few cheap ones and paint them yourself to ensure that they will fit in with the style of the space.

Butterflies & Birds

For little girls, some great nursery-themed garden decorating ideas include incorporating the whimsy of butterflies and birds into the scheme. This can be done through artwork, hanging mobiles and even by grabbing some stencils from your local craft store and creating your own mural on the wall. Hanging actual garden items, such as bird houses add texture. For little boys, bumblebees, ants and other creepy crawlies can also make a very cute room. Hang up a few antique gardening tools and throw in an old-fashioned red wagon to house stuffed animals and other toys.

Babies & More Babies

When thinking about how to decorate with a gardening theme, you can also incorporate other furniture usually found in the courtyard as well. A wicker rocking chair is a great addition to the space. If the room is structurally sound enough, you could even hang a small garden swing as an alternative to the traditional rocker found in nurseries. The finishing touches to these types of rooms, whether for a boy or a girl, is to bring in accessories that portray other baby animals typically found in a backyard. You can hang up a few pictures of baby bunnies or even baby frogs, depending on the rest of your decor items. The room is for a baby after all, so the best nursery-themed decorating ideas are all about bringing in more and more babies.