Troubleshooting a Sharp Microwave Oven

Since their invention, microwave ovens have made their way into nearly every modern kitchen. One of the largest manufacturers of modern microwave units is the electronics company Sharp. Like all electronics and appliances, Sharp microwaves often have problems that occur with everyday use.

While some problems should only be repaired by certified professionals, many common microwave problems can be addressed with a few simple checks.

Electrical Issues

If the microwave does not turn on, check to make sure the power cable is connected and not loose. Sharp microwaves automatically shut down any time the door is opened. Check that the door is latched completely. Replace any burnt fuses that might cause a shutdown.

Several factors can cause sparks during operation. This should always be avoided because it can damage the system. Remove aluminium objects before cooking. Many utensils and plates have metallic trim that can create sparking. Sharp microwaves use a special interior paint that can cause problems if chipped. Repaint chips with an approved heat-resistant paint.

Heating Issues

Several problems can prevent food from heating properly or evenly. Check that the turntable is rotating completely. Rollers and tracks should be aligned correctly. The glass rotating tray can sometimes come off the track. Be sure that items inside the oven are not touching the interior walls.

If the turntable is functioning but food is still not heated evenly, check these other causes. Interior walls should be cleaned often with detergent and water, and dried with a sponge. This will help the induction of waves. If a buzz emanates from the microwave that does not seem normal, the magnetron might be defective. This is the microwave generator and must be professionally repaired if damaged.

Control Issues

Often, the touch pad buttons can become worn and not function properly. Be sure that control buttons do not become overly wet from water or cleaning. If this occurs, allow the system to dry completely before using.

Most Sharp microwave models use sensitive touch controls. To avoid damaging these buttons, do not press with excessive pressure or use any object to manipulate the control. Doing so can puncture the touch membrane and break the internal switch.