Ways to Tie Up Hair

Ponytail Twist

We all love our hair, but there are just some days when frustration sets in as we try to decide how we're going to wear it. The longer it is, the harder the decision can be--up or down? And if you choose up, what exactly can you do with it that you haven't already done before? The decision doesn't have to be so difficult; there are plenty of ways to tie your hair up and still look good. You just need to know what those ways are.

Ponytail Twist

Ponytail Twist

This hairstyle is versatile; it's casual yet can be worn for special occasions as well. You simply pull your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a scrunchie or an elastic band. Then make a space by parting your hair between the band and your head. Keeping the space open with your fingers, flip the ponytail up and through the space, making sure the entire ponytail is pulled through.

Partial French Braid

This is great for times when you don't have much time. You begin braiding your hair at the top, as if you were doing a normal french braid. Once you get about halfway down your head, stop and pull the remainder of your hair together with the braid and tie it together with a rubber band or decorative hairpiece.

Three Ponytails

This is another easy, quick and cute style that is made for people who have little time to spare, yet want to do something different with their hair. Divide the front of your hair into three sections. Take each of these sections and position them so they are near the back of your scalp. Use an elastic band to hold them in place, checking to make sure they are evenly spaced. Then take the remainder of your hair and pull it up to meet the ends of your three ponytails, tieing them all together. For a bit of a twist, leave a bit of hair out of each side so it frames the sides of your face.

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