Breville Juicer Instructions

A Breville juicer.

A Breville juicer is a heavy-duty juicer that quickly and quietly extracts the juice from whole fruits and vegetables to make delicious, nutritious juice. With just a small amount of preparation, you can prepare healthy juice from a variety of fresh produce.

Assemble the Juicer

Fit the filter bowl to the top of the juicer base and snap the filter basket into the filter bowl. Set the juicer cover over the filter bowl. When these parts are properly aligned, raise the locking arm over the juicer cover to lock all of the parts into place. Place the food pusher into the chute on the juicer cover. Slide the pulp container under the juicer cover on one end, and slide the juice container under the juicer cover on the other end (there is a spout on the filter bowl that fits into the juice container).

Prepare the Produce

Wash the produce you want to juice. It is not necessary to core, slice or peel most fruits and vegetables to prepare them for juicing. Exceptions include fruits or vegetables that contain a stone pit in the centre. Slice these fruits and remove the pit before juicing. Additionally, peel all citrus fruits before juicing.

Fruits and vegetables that juice well include apples, carrots, celery, oranges, cucumber, grapes, pears and tomatoes. Use fruits and vegetables together to make a nutritious juice with a pleasant sweetness.

Juice the Produce

Make sure the juicer is assembled properly and that the juice container is in position. Turn the juicer on and set the speed to low or high, depending on the produce you will be juicing. You can switch the speed between low and high for different produce. In general, juice denser, harder fruits and vegetables on high, and leafy, soft fruits and vegetables on low.

Pull out the food pusher and place several pieces of produce into the chute. Slowly push the fruit through the juicer with the food pusher. Continue juicing your prepared produce in this way until everything has been processed. Turn the juicer off and unplug it.

Clean Up

For best results, wash the juicer's parts immediately after use. Disassemble the juicer, remove the pulp container and empty it. Save the pulp to use for baking and cooking, if desired. Pull the locking arm off of the juicer cover and remove the cover from the base. Run the juicer cover under warm water to remove all of the debris. Remove the filter basket and place it in the sink. Lift off the filter basket and thoroughly clean it with a brush and water. After rinsing all of the juicer parts, hand wash them, or place them in the top rack of a dishwasher. Wipe off the juicer's base with a damp cloth.

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