What to Wear With a Jean Jacket

A jean jacket is a great article of clothing to have in your closet because it is not only utilitarian, but it can also be fashionable, if worn correctly. When wearing a jean jacket, the most important rule that must never be broken is--do not wear a jean jacket with a pair of jeans.

Learn a few tips on how to look awesome in your jean jacket.

Jacket and Skirt Ensemble

In the summer, it can be warm during the day and chilly at night. A cotton or linen skirt pairs perfectly with a denim jacket for an evening outing. You can even take this a step further and wear a denim jacket over a sundress for the same effect. Just make sure that the colour of the dress is not the same colour as the jean jacket. Contrasting colours are a good fashion tip to remember.

Jean and Khaki

Wearing two different types of fabric, like khaki and jean, can add an unexpected element to your outfit. When it is cold, you can wear long khaki trousers with a jean jacket. When it is warm, you can wear Bermuda-style shorts in a khaki fabric. Whether you prefer light khaki or dark khaki, your outfit is sure to be a hit.

Dress Slacks

When you are getting ready to go to the office in the morning, professional clothing like grey or black dress trousers are the go-to item. They can be dressed up with heels and a fancy blouse or dressed down with flats and a jean jacket. Adding that jean jacket makes your office attire perfect for an after-work soirée or happy hour appointment.